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Helping individuals, couples and families live their best life.

Everyone deserves to reach their full potential; to thrive in life; to love and to be loved. We weren't meant to do it all on our own! 


My mission is to help individuals, couples, and families on their path toward fulfilling and functional lives. Whether healing trauma, dealing with transitions or loss, relationship challenges, personal growth, life stressors, or chronic mental health issues, I will work alongside you to reach your goals. 


The majority of my work over the past three decades has been dedicated to children, teens, and families who are fine-tuning their personal growth, getting through a rough patch, or are in major crisis; mainly, providing intensive in-home family therapy, restorative justice facilitation, individual, couples, and family therapy in my office, and local, state and national professional education. 


I have also helped lead national initiatives to strengthen culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, trauma informed evidence-based approaches with children and families, and developed workshops to strengthen healthy connections between parents and tweens.   


Science and wisdom tell us that we do not lose our capacity to be resilient and to thrive, but sometimes we can benefit from counseling on the journey there.  


I am also on a journey to grow and do my best.  I will remain engaged in what research and wisdom have to teach, and adjust accordingly.  I greatly value humor, nature, and connections.  It is an honor to be able to work with people on so many different levels.  


Please do not hesitate to ask me more about my experience or approach. 

For a free brief consultation or to schedule an appointment, call (208) 918-0319

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