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Counseling, Consulting, and Training 

Contact me for a FREE consultation to help determine if I am the right counselor, consultants or trainer for you. You deserve to work with someone you feel comfortable with and have confidence in. My specific approach varies with the personality, age, and background of each individual, couple and family.  I provide a dynamic, strengths based, client centered approach and am fully engaged in your process. 

For more information on my services and practice, see below. 

To learn more, reach me at: (208) 918-0319 or

Working with Youth

Whether healing from trauma, managing  mental health challenges, behavioral issues,  or needing some guidance and support to thrive through life stress, children and teens will find my office a place they can get comfortable and get to work. A kid at heart, with the training and experience to help build healthy functional lives, I am happy to work with youth (and their families and school). Youth are our future. We are their bridge. 

Advanced Skills

Advanced skills include: Child Parent Psychotherapy; Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; Family Systems Therapy; Emotion Focused Therapy; sex therapy; restorative justice; attachment; play therapy; intensive in-home family therapy; animal assisted therapy; parent child relationships; teen relationships; women's issues; cultural considerations; LGBTQ, social justice. 


Our office building and parking lot are wheelchair accessible. My office is on the second floor however we have a first floor private meeting room if that is more accommodating. I will always do my best to meet any accessibility needs. Please contact me so we can arrange accomodations.


This is a LGBTQA+ safe space and welcoming environment. All are welcome regardless of religious affiliation, and cultural, racial or ethnic background.  I continually strive to deepen my understanding of my own culture and privilege, as well as the lived experiences of others who are oppressed and underserved in our society, so that I can be a partner in healing,  justice and understanding.  Any questions you have in this regard are also welcome. 


Contact me for organizational, local, state, regional and national workshops or multi-day trainings on topics relating to trauma, abuse, healthy relationships, children's exposure to violence, families experiencing violence, and resilience.  Trainings provided for National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence; National STEP Conference; US Dept. Health and Human Services; ID Strengthening Families Training Institute; ID Compassionate Communities; ID Counseling Association; ID School Counselor Association; ID Prevention Conference; YWCA Regional Conference; Healthy Moms Happy Babies; Project Connect; and more. 


Contact me for consulting on the following topics:  parent-child relationships; attachment; resilience; behavioral concerns; healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships; trauma and abuse; trauma informed services and organizations; trauma and health impact; cultural relevance and accessibility; self care; domestic violence; teen dating violence; children exposed to violence.

Fees for Services

  • Average session fee: $100-$125/session
  • Accept major credit cards, Apple Pay, and personal checks
  • Insurance accepted with most local providers, including but not limited to: Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Regence; Cigna; SelectHealth
  • Let me know if you have questions regarding coverage for my services. 


A healthy connection to our partner is important to our own wellbeing.  Understanding attachment, and the work of John Gottman and Sue Johnson have been influential in my practice with couples from all walks of life.  It isn't just about what we do, it's about how we are with one another.  Couples find this can be a safe place to discuss more sensitive sexual and intimacy concerns, among the full range of challenges partners encounter. 


Some of the most powerful change comes when we work together. Family therapy should engage everyone from their strengths and work to foster the important connections that help build a lifetime of resilience.  With the courage to go deeper, we can then go even further than we imagined.   

© 2017 Melissa Ruth, LCPC, LLC

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